We create an open platform of dialogue for everyone interested in shaping the future of the Internet and the way it functions. The IGF Poland is an initiative aimed at promoting a multistakeholder, open and inclusive discussion, based on the principle of equality of the parties, on the Internet governance – legal, economic and social aspects of development, operation and use of the network. We are especially interested in topics extending beyond the narrow technical scope of Internet Governance such as digital data-driven economy as part of Digital Single Market, innovative and disruptive technologies and their impact on economy and society, digital competencies, on-line rights and freedoms, security and much more.

We create an open platform of dialogue for everyone interested in shaping the future of the Internet and the way it functions.
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The IGF Poland, created in 2016 through the support of government, business, scientific and technical community and civil society, is to facilitate cooperation of various stakeholders interested in shaping and developing public policies related to the Internet. We want to achieve this goal by creating a space where it will be possible to share our knowledge, exchange experience and best practices and discuss on an equal terms, freely and openly, about the most pressing Internet-related issues.

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The culminating moment of the IGF Poland is the annual conference – the Internet Governance Forum. Our ambition is to present the Polish perspective and point of view in the global Internet Governance discourse. That is why the conclusions and the recommendations of the Forum will be presented at the world IGF conference. We want to be involved in shaping global views on the functioning of the Internet and on a number of other phenomena associated with it.

The IGF Poland – Forum for Digital Development is a place for discussing difficult and interesting topics, seeking common solutions and positions shared by the majority of stakeholders. It is not, however, a place where decisions are made. Our role is to facilitate and maintain dialogue, move it to a higher – European or global – level when needed, and make recommendations whenever possible.

The IGF Poland – Forum for Digital Development is supported by a Steering Committee consisting of leaders representing five stakeholder groups: 

The Steering Committee member is also Krzysztof Szubert , Visiting Fellow, University of Oxford. Strategic Advisor NASK. Member of the Council of the NCBR. Former Secretary of State & The Government Plenipotentiary for the Digital Single Market.

IGF Poland is organised in close cooperation with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

If you want to join in the activities of the IGF Poland, contact the secretariat. We invite all interested, everyone can participate in the discussion. We are open to all communities, different views and diverse experiences. Anyone willing may speak, propose a topic for discussion or submit an idea for a workshop or session at the annual conference.

The IGF Poland – Forum for Digital Development is part of a UN initiative which gathers similar forums functioning in Europe and other parts of the world.

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