Workshop proposal submission form

1. Workshop’s organiser

Fill in name, family name and affiliation of workshop’s organiser

2. Workshop’s co-organisers

If you organize the workshop with other organisations, fill in their names here. If you do not have co-organisers, leave the fields empty.

3. Workshop’s format

Indicate the format of your workshop using the drop-down list.

If you indicated other format, describe it below. Please remember to explain how you want to engage in the discussion participants from the audience.

4. Workshop’s duration

Indicate how long is your workshop. Please, remember that different formats have different duration. Check it up here.

5. Workshop’s title

Fill in the title below

6. Workshop’s description

Describe briefly what you want to discuss during your workshop

7. Workshop’s scenario

Describe in points the workshop agenda and indicate how much time you will assign to each agenda point .

8. Speakers

Fill in names, family names and affiliations of speakers and add their bios. Indicate these of them that have already confirmed to participate in your workshop. Remember that there should be at least three confirmed speakers.

9. Moderators

Fill in names, family names and affiliations of moderators and add their bios.

10. Rapporteurs

Fill in names, family names and affiliations of rapporteurs and add their bios.

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