IGF 2019

Polish Internet Governance Forum 2019

On the 9th December 2019, the national Internet Governance Forum (IGF PL) was held once again in Warsaw. The forum was an opportunity for multilateral and open talks on challenges related to the functioning of the Internet. This year over 250 people participated in IGF PL, representing various environments, including the government sector, business, NGOs and scientific and technical organizations.

These environments were also involved in the preparation of a comprehensive agenda of the forum. This year a record number of 27 organizations were invited to cooperate. The IGF PL 2019 program includes topics such as the Digital Services Act, the Anti-Smog Educational Network, online tools serving local governments and residents, analytical platforms using open data. The discussions included the potential of artificial intelligence, future competences and challenges we face in connection with technological progress and the digital revolution and building good habits of using the Internet. The issues of taxation of the digital economy, development of fast and secure e-commerce, and technologies supporting security in cyberspace were also discussed.

We would like to thank the participants and organisations engaged in IGF PL 2019.

We would also like to remind you that this year Poland is hosting the global Internet Governance Forum, IGF 2020, which will take place between 2nd-6th November in Katowice. We invite you to join us in Poland!

More information about IGF 2020

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