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Alek Tarkowski

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Centrum Cyfrowe Foundation

dr Alek Tarkowski (1977). Sociologist, copyright reform advocate and researcher of digital society. Co-founder and President of Centrum Cyfrowe Foundation, a think-and-do tank building a digital civic society in Poland. Public Lead of Creative Commons Poland and European Policy Fellow with the Creative Commons organization. Co-founder of Communia, a European advocacy association supporting the digital public domain, and of the Polish Coalition for Open Education (KOED). Formerly member of the Polish Board of Digitisation, an advisory body to the Minister of Digitisation (2011-2016), and member of the Board of Strategic Advisors to the Prime Minister of Poland (2008-2011), responsible for issues related to the development of digital society. Policy expert on open content and copyright policies, open and digital education, and digital skills.

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