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Roman Malinowski

  • Roman Malinowski - Head of DNS Division, NASK
    Roman Malinowski

Head of DNS Division, NASK

Since 1st August 2012 he is the head of DSN Division in NASK and its representative in Council of European National Top-Level Domain Registries (CENTR)and ICANN. Previously, he worked as an advisor to the director of NASK.

He is a graduate of the Institute of Automatic Control, Łódź University of Technology, where he worked for many years after graduation dealing with research and design of control systems. He was the head of IT technology department

He gained his professional knowledge and experience in IBM Corporation laboratories. He has many years’ experience in managing design teams and creating compound IT systems. For many years he held high managerial positions at IBM, managing and coordinating IBM Corporation projects.

Then, for many years he worked as Chairman of the Board of Fujitsu-Siemens Computers where he was responsible for i.a. planning and implementing strategies for IT development and business consolidation projects within Siemens corporation.

He attended multiannual trainings at IBM Corporation and Siemens in leadership, management and strategic marketing.

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