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Albana Karapanco

SJD candidate in International Business Law, Central European University

Albana is a highly skilled and commercial practitioner on Albania Law. Albana’s professional experience includes positions as lawyer in the legal department of important insurance companies, pension funds, non-bank financial institutions, head of human resources department and positions in not for profit organisations. She is an attorney at law registered with the National Chamber of Advocacy of Albania.

Albana graduated in 2010 from Faculty of Law, University of Tirana and she has obtained two Master of Laws degrees; the first one from University of New York Tirana in a dual program with University of Greenwich (United Kingdom) and the second one from Central European University (Budapest, Hungary). She is currently a S.J.D candidate at the Legal Department Studies of Central European University, in International Business Law stream. Her major areas of research and interest include: secured transactions law reform, digital technology in financial services, agricultural financing.

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