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Edwin Bendyk

Polityka weekly

I'm a journalist, publicist and writer, I work in the POLITYKA weekly, where I manage the science section.

I've published four books: “Zatruta studnia. Rzecz o władzy i wolności” [Poisoned well. The thing about power and freedom] (W.A.B., 2002), „Antymatrix. Człowiek w labiryncie sieci” [Antimatrix. Man in the labyrinth of the network] (W.A.B, 2004), “Miłość, wojna, rewolucja. Szkice na czas kryzysu” [Love, war, revolution. Sketches for the time of crisis] (W.A.B, 2009) and “Bunt Sieci” [Revolt of the network] (POLITYKA, 2012). In 2014, along with Jacek Santorski and Witold Orłowski, I published the book “Jak żyć w świecie, który oszalał” [How to live in a world that has gone mad].

At the Faculty of Sociology of the University of Warsaw, I lecture on digital culture in the framework of “Language and society.” I lecture at Collegium Civitas, where I'm the Director of the Centre for Studies on Future. At the Graduate School for Social Research, I conduct a seminar on new media. I'm the Deputy Editor-In-Chief of the scientific magazine Kultura i rozwój.

I'm a member of the Polish PEN Club and a member of the European Council on Foreign Research.

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