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Igor Ostrowski

  • Igor Ostrowski
    Igor Ostrowski

Partner at Dentons

Igor Ostrowski is a partner at Dentons, a law firm operating in over 140 locations serving over 60 countries. European Head of the firm’s Technology-Media-Telecoms Sector Group. Co-Chair of the Digital Economy Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in Poland. In 2014-2016, Chairman of the Digitization Council to the Minister of Digitization. In 2009-2012 Igor Ostrowski was a member of the Team of Strategic Advisors of the Prime Minister and held the position of deputy minister at the Ministry of Administration and Digitization. He is a member of the Multistakeholder Advisory Group at the Internet Governance Forum – a United Nations agency handling issues of operation, order and development of the Internet worldwide.

He has 18 years’ experience in legal advisory for clients from the telecommunication, media and new technologies sectors. He advised leading television and radio broadcasters, telecommunication and IT companies in matters related to commencing activities in Poland and in other CEE states, including regulatory and intellectual property issues.

Member of Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) responsible for organizing the global Internet Governance Forum.

For many years I have been observing the discussion on Internet regulation, both as a lawyer specializing in modern technologies, media and telecommunication and as a member of IGF advisors to the UN Secretary General associated within MAG. After 5-year presence in MAG I can say with conviction that IGF is one of the best fora for discussing the future of the Internet as our common good not only because it is a global UN initiative but also because of its unique organizational structure. 5 stakeholders communities (representatives of government, business and academia, officials from non-governmental organizations and Internet activists) cooperate on equal terms in order to reach an agreement on issues related to network neutrality, personal data protection, freedom to provide services, respecting human rights and, probably the most important, reaching so-called 17 Sustainable Development Goals

Igor Ostrowski, partner at Dentons law firm

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