Below please find a list of selected suggestions of workshops for the IGF Poland 2019 conference. We are awed by the volume and quality of this year's submissions, which can be an indication of the fact that IGF Poland conferences have become one of the key events concerning issues of Internet management and the digital economy in Poland.
We thank everyone for your submissions and congratulate those who were selected – while keeping our fingers crossed for next year for those who weren't!

The agenda of IGF Poland 2019.


Digital Centre Foundation (The Jagiellonian Club) Automatic Decision Making in Polish Business and Administration
The City is Ours Association/ Code for Poland Open data and civic tech in the service of local governments and citizens – On-line participation tools
Leviatan Tradesmen Confederation Code of Digital Services – A revolution or evolution of responsibility of service providers of the information society?
Coalition for Polish Innovations (OLX Group / Digital Centre Foundation) How does development of AI change the image of the struggle against cybercrime and how does it influence the development of technologies facilitating on-line security?
NASK (Microsoft Poland) The Educational Anti-Smog Network + Artificial Intelligence. Synergy on the way to clean air
Microsoft Poland (Digital Centre Foundation/ Digital Poland Foundation) The Digital Sustainability Forum – and what next? The role of a strong ecosystem in the construction of sustainable digital policies
Empowering Children Foundation (NASK) Internet in the family – Establishing good habits
Google Poland (Digital Economy Lab of the University of Warsaw) Competences of the future – how to prepare oneself for changes related to technological progress and digital transformation
The Association of Employers of the Internet Industry IAB Poland (MDDP)  Taxation of the digital economy – how to do it justly?

Central Mixer of Intelligent Technologies CMIT, Faculty of Management of the University of Łódź (Digital Workforce, Digital Teammates)

Digital ethics in Polish business 4.0
Polish Institute of Economics Is technology taking work away from us?
 Polish Ministry of Digital Affairs Internet for users with disabilities
Polish Office of Electronic Communications The Internet of Things in the Service of sustainable development
PwC Poland (Polish Chamber of the Electronic Economy)/ Chamber of Electronic Economy/ Ministry of Digital Affairs Supporting the development of private enterprise on the basis of analytical platforms integrating open data of the public sector
Visa Poland (Digital Poland Foundation) How to care for the development of fast and secure e-commerce, popularising the usage of digital payments?
Google Poland Is Artificial Intelligence the breakthrough we are hoping for?


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