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Youth IGF in Poland

Youth IGF

Youth IGF is an initiative created to integrate and engage young people in a substantive discussion on internet governance. Such IGF formations like Youth IGF (as well as national, subregional and regional) are expected to follow the IGF's main principles of openness, integration, and non-commercial participation with many stakeholders throughout the entire preparatory phase and the event itself, all in line with bottom-up decision-making.

Youth IGF accompanies the international Internet Governance Forum (IGF), which is an open dialogue platform for anyone interested in shaping the future of the internet and how it will function. IGF is a United Nations initiative that aims to promote multilateral, open discussion around the world on the principle of equality of all parties on issues of internet governance - legal, economic and social aspects of the development, functioning and the use of the network.

Every year, for fifteen years, a huge, 4-day UN conference has been held, during which representatives of governments, the private sector, science, social and technical organizations debate on equal rights of internet governance.

This year's IGF will be held in Katowice (2-6 November). The debate has been divided into four thematic categories: data, environment, inclusion and trust. IGF 2020 motto is "Internet United" - an open, free and undivided internet, where users can enjoy their rights without compromising their privacy.

In 2019, during the Internet Governance Forum in Berlin, Youth IGF (over 100 people from about 30 countries) developed 11 principles regarding internet governance (link). During this year's Youth IGF , the international internet community will continue their work on the concept of implementing these principles.

NASK PIB is an institute heavily involved in the idea of internet governance in the global dimension. That is why we took the challenge of building a community of young people gathered around IGF. Our goal is to find young leaders, people who would like to actively join the work on creating Youth IGF Poland and form its core and cooperate at a global level with YIGF from other countries. We would like the voice of young Poles to be strongly present during IGF 2020. We are planning to set up a Steering Committee at NASK, which will be aimed at initiating the regional Youth Internet Governance Forum Poland.

By móc z sukcesem budować polską społeczność IGF Młodych, potrzebujemy aktywnych, młodych ludzi, którzy chcą włączyć się w światową debatę na temat kształtu przyszłego internetu. 

To successfully build the Polish Youth IGF community, we need active, young people who want to join the global debate on the shape of the internet of the future.

We are happy to invite you to cooperate! Contact us at:

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